Passover 2019

Attention Customers;
In respecting our customers Passover traditions, we’d like to inform you that

Our holiday menu includes items that do contain leavening as well as products that don’t. Products that
DO NOT CONTAIN LEAVENING are marked with an asterisk (*) on our menu.  


*Contains no leavening products

For the Easter 2019 menu, please scroll down

  Cookies Must be ordered in 1/2 lbs.

Coconut Macaroons*;
Chocolate Or Vanilla

$14.00 lb.
Almond Macaroons*;
Comes in vanilla or chocolate plain, cherry, chocolate chips, sliced almonds, nut, or dipped in chocolate
$17.50 lb
Marzipan Fruits* $18.50 lb
  Fancy Cookies $17.50 lb.
Rocky Road* Rainbow Race Tracks
Percofskies Haystacks*  
  Honey Cakes Small (14 oz.) or Large (1 lb. 9 oz.)



Fruit (pineapple & cherry)


/ $10.25

$7.50 / $11.25

$7.50 / $11.25

  Sponge Cakes  

Plain Loaf

Large Round Plain (8")

Large Round Nut (8")




  7 Layer Cakes  
White or Chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate butter cream filling and fudge icing $14.95
  Chiffon Cakes  

Chocolate Chip

$17.50 each (8")

Orange or Chocolate can be glazed for an additional $3.00

  Mondel Bread  

Poppy Seed
Chocolate Chip
Raspberry Walnut

$13.75 lb.
  Almond Tort  
One layer of sponge cake, split,
with rasperry filling, almond paste, raspberry and apricot preserve topping and sliced almonds
$17.50 each (8")
  Flourless Chocolate Cake*  

Single layer of the most incredibly
rich and decadent chocolate
cake with chocolate ganache frosting and chocolate shavings


$35.00 (8")

By special order only

Cookie balls with honey, nuts
and cherries
$6.00 each
  Soup Nuts  
Egg puffs with garlic, salt and
$3.25 per 4 oz bag


Easter 2018

  Easter Egg  
White, chocolate or marble cake
with vanilla or chocolate bavarian
  Easter Basket Cake  
Basket weave decoration filled
with butter cream and sugar
flowers. Your choice of white,
chocolate or marble cake with
assorted fillings
  Chocolate Eggs  
Mini egg shaped moist brownies
covered in chocolate ganache
and decorated for the holiday
  Easter Bread Basket  
2 dozen of our egg dinner rolls
wrapped in an edible bread basket
  Hot Cross Buns  
  A delicious blend of a rich yeast dough with raisins, nuts and candied fruit. Iced with white sugar icing $6.95 per tin
  Butter Flake Rolls  
A Delicious Bakery holiday special $8.40 per doz. Sold per dozen only